Michael Firestone’s “I AM King,” The Michael Jackson Experience at Miramar Cultural Center on May 10, 2018, at 8pm, was an astronomical performance. Many in the audience felt that this was as close to the King of Pop as they would get. 

“I get to see Michael Jackson,” said one woman.

The journey Firestone took the audience through Michael Jackson’s performances was a deeply moving, exciting, and exhilarating experience. The Michael Jackson Experience was enhanced by a cast of talented musicians: two keyboard players, a female guitarist, drummer, and four dancers. They did an awesome job! 


The show opened with “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” from Jackson’s mega-platinum Thriller album. Firestone and his cast continued to awe the audience with other hits from that 1983 set such as Billie Jean and Human Nature, as well as We Are the World, Man in The Mirror (supported by a choir), and Thriller just to name a few.

Firestone was remarkable as he mimicked Jackson’s patented moves. He also dressed and had the pop star’s mannerisms down pact.

Jackson died too young in 2009 at age 50.

I AM Queen Magazine sat down with Michael Firestone for a Father’s Day interview.


What is your immediate family structure?

I have three daughters, Taylor, Haley, and Madison. They are everything to me, they keep me current and remind me every day that we have very little time here, in this life. We should be positive and loving. My fiancé Koree who I can’t really put into words. She’s the perfect partner in my life, professionally and personally. I couldn’t do any of this without them. I have three Dogs, Dexter, Douchess, and Hendrix. 

How long have you been doing Michael Jackson impersonations?

Since I was about 6 years-old, and 20 years professionally.

When did you know you were talented?

Well, I don’t think I’m talented at all, lol! I really studied very talented performers and just pretend to be them. Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie, those guys are talented, I’m just a copycat.

What does impersonation mean to you?

It means everything. The fact that people allow me to pretend to be him (Michael Jackson) every night means everything to me. 

When, where, and how did this all get started?

It started when I was 15 doing a lot of talent shows in North Carolina. From there I moved to Las Vegas, and within a year I got my first show contract, and the following year I got a cruise line contract. I realized quickly that Las Vegas has to be my new home.

How many shows have you done in this series?

We have performed I Am King about 100 times now. 

What is it about Michael Jackson that made you want to become him?

He is the greatest entertainer of all time, in all forms of art. And I love how he was a role model for so many people through positivity. No matter what he was going through, he always kept it classy and positive.

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

As of today, Speed Demon and Stranger in Moscow. My favorites to perform are Human Nature and probably Billie Jean.

Written By: Dr.Mary


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