Former New York Native, Gia Winfield, Makes Groundbreaking Achievement as the First African American Woman to Own a High-Performance​ Energy Drink!

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After Beyoncé’s history-making Coachellaperformances, there is nothing that can stand in the way of a woman and her hustle to the top; and Gia Winfield is giving us a taste of black girl magic. Former New York native, and serial entrepreneur, Gia Winfield, learned to secure the bag at a young age. At the age of 16, curiosity and eagerness earned her a coveted spot as a nail tech at a popular hotspot in Queens, New York, owned and operated by twin sisters. The nail bar served many A- list celebrities, video models, and most notably Diddy’sformer flame, Misa Hylton, a trend setter of the 90’s. As Gia continued to work, she made it her business to learn the in’s and out’s of the business. By the time she turned 18, she was a polished nail technician ready to go into business for herself. So she saved up enough funds to open up her very own nail salon, based in Queens, New York. After years of successful operation, at the age of 24, Gia decided it was time to sell her nail bar in Queens and make Baltimore, Maryland her new home. As Gia transitioned into a new city, she decided it was time to re-open her doors, and emerged as The Purple Peach Nail Bar, Baltimore’s finest full service nail salon.


In Baltimore, The Purple Peach Nail Bar became the first of it’s kind–a 100% black owned full service nail salon, that gives each consumer an exquisite, full pampering experience from manicures, to pedicures, facials, eyebrow waxing, and lashes. The nail bar quickly grabbed the attention of many locals in the area, and even celebrities. The trendy nail bar served as the official nail sponsor for the entire cast of the Bad Girls Club Season 17 Reunion, and even R&B sensation Lil Mo, can vouch for the Purple Peach as she’s a mainstay client when she’s in the Baltimore area.

With a trendy, upscale Mediterranean ambiance, all services are accompanied by complimentary wine, hookah, and libations mixed with the nail bar’s signature energy drink. Purple Peach Energy Drink is the next level energy supplement, and is the first high performance energy drink owned and operated by an African American woman. One serving provides a 6 hour time release of natural feeling energy without the anxious rush and dooming crash that other supplements cause.

The drink is just right for sipping alone, or mixing with your favorite libations, creating a dreamy cocktail. At a first sip, you’re immediately taken in by the smooth, yet sweet and tangy taste. Think cherry jolly rancher with a dash of peach— Deelishis! Yes, even model and TV personality, Deelishis, is just one of the many celebrities who have sported the fun and sexy energy drink. Each ingredient was hand-picked to deliver a delicious taste and a refreshingly ambrosial drinking experience. With no harmful chemicals, Purple Peach Energy Drink contains vitamins b12 and b6, just 27 grams of sugar, and only 110 calories per serving. The sleek design of the can and portable size, makes PPED a fit for all demographics and transitions to any setting; Board room, locker room, classrooms, and VIP rooms.

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