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International Girlz Trip Convention was established by Theme Queenz, Inc. The non-profit organization encompasses an opportunity for women to network with like-minded women and learn how to empower one another. This experience is more than a getaway and retreat; The International Girlz Trip creates a travel experience that includes a platform for women leaders to help motivate and build connections through travel from all over the world. The Overall Mission of the IGTC, Inc. is to “Empower Women Through Travel.”

IGTC In.c has received the highest acknowledgement and partnership to bring the #IGTConvention2018 to the Breathless Cabo Resort & Spa, In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on August 9th through August 12th, 2018. Accommodations include 5 star, Adult Only Luxury All-inclusive stay for 3 Days and 4 nights to pamper Yourself because You Deserve It. The Luxurious Experience will allow women to develop a love for life, a way to give back to the culture and to help motivate self-love. IGTC has established its own platform as a non-for-profit to develop a scholarship program to assist women to financial literacy by starting or redesigning a business in existence.

The Royal Crown Scholarship Program stands to donate a portion of its profits to help bring the dreams of an entrepreneur to life. The #IGTConvention2018 will include a Gold Gala Awards Ceremony, where the recipient will be acknowledged. The IGTC Experience allows guests to ‘Relax, Relate, Release, Renew’ with TQ inspired themed workshops and activities, like a “I Rule My Queendom” vision board Brunch, Sensual Body Movement workshop with Leora Edut, Goddess On The Go, Life, Love & Relationship talks with Fila Antwine, Shaunesi De ‘Berry and many others.

“We wanted women to learn the importance of taking the “Me Time” to get away from it all. The International Girlz Trip Retreat Convention allows us to create and collaborate with professional women from all over the world in order to find your zen, establish new relationships, and create international connections to help the people of another country to help empower their culture. We hope the #IGTConvention2018 makes an impact this August in helping women support each another.” Stated Kawin & Tawana, Founders of Theme Queenz & ICT, Inc.

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