Thriving Author & Film Writer Poppii King’s Is the New “It” Girl Within The Literature World

Poppii King is a triumphant writer and creative with an extraordinary gift of storytelling in its purest form. Her recently released novel “Look What You Made Me Do” speaks volumes as it relates to a cross board of women around the world: who can relate to being sexually abused or assaulted, or just plain overcoming a peculiar situation within life’s journey.

Look What You Made Me Do, is the story of Ameena Washington; a young African American woman; striving to make her own way within society’s “stream”. The book’s main character Ameena breathes fresh air into how women can mend a bad circumstance, and not be defeated. The story is rigid, raw and inspiring to say the least. Tearing a page, from life’s notebook “Look What You Made Me Do” explores all faceted areas of life, love, pain and most importantly HOPE.

“When I first started the process of this book, I wanted to make sure to be 100 percent truthful and passionate with each word; a huge part of being successful when telling your “story” is being authentic.” States King. The recently released literature phenomenon was also accompanied by a small series of video trailers; adding visual depth to the story and range. Although the novel is new to the market; women intellects, bloggers, and other lifestyle influencers are coining “The Ameena Washington “story as the next big story to hit the TV mainstream.

“I hope by releasing “Look What You Made Me Do”, that I will assist with starting the conversation/open dialogue for women and men to speak up, being a victim of sexual abuse.” States King.

Future plans for the thriving author and film writer Poppii King include forging ahead with her global campaign “IAMNOTAVICTIM”, an organization which was launched to build up interpersonal skills, mental strength, and anguish among women. The IAMNOTAVICTIM platform will be used to spread awareness, love, and light.


To learn more about Poppi King visit http://www.PoppiiKing.Xyz

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