Sexual Assault Awareness Month- Hashtag MeToo

Sexual assault is wrong, it’s unacceptable but it happens to people from all walks of life. The first thing I want to say to victims is- it’s not your fault. Secondly, speak to someone. I firmly believe that anything that happens to one woman happens to all of us.

-Angela: Business Owner, England.

Sex Sins
Sex Lies
Sex dies
But only the victim cries

We got fed up
So now we speak out
Me too
Everybody’s screwed now
Your stature
Your power
Your authority
Has just been fazed out

Harvey Weinstein provoked this faze now
But it’s been a problem
Since before I could remember
But I do remember
Being raped now
So I wrote a book
To encourage those
Who are in that place now

Like Burke,
I make a pledge now
To speak up for those
who are being abused now!

Yeah #metoo

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