Women Empowerment: Uplifting or Tearing down the Village?


God created everyone in His image. He knew how they were going to be, the attitude they will portray, the situations that will come about and the personality they will display. Women serve a purpose on Earth, and that is to nurture, support, be strong and stand firm no matter what comes their way. Women empowerment is supposed to be more than just a phrase or a word, but a movement that unites women all over the globe to come together and have each other’s back; at least that’s what I thought.

While growing up, I really didn’t feel that connection with other women in high school nor college. It was just one of those things that never came up. But as time went on and as I got older, it was interesting to learn why some women are the way they are. Women groups are supposed to be empowering right? To help uplift one another and support each other’s dreams and business, right? But when I made that decision to join a women empowerment group through Instagram, I didn’t feel the love or “sisterly love” I should say coming from the group which led to disappointments and depression.

While in college I never know what type of women I would be dealing with, but the women I was living with; my dorm roommates had other plans, and that was setting me up on some foul mess just to get me in trouble. Does that represent women empowerment or sisterly love? No! Just pure hate and deceitfulness! Since then, I couldn’t trust women, and I had a hard enough time finding the proper networking groups in my area to be comfortable around women who weren’t tricky or who stabbed you in the back. Women empowerment should not be about tearing each other down or bringing up their past life and mistakes, but by uplifting one another with support, love and encouraging words. There are a lot of women support groups and programs created by leading women all over the country who came together as one to create a platform for other women in need.

Here are some ways you can help your sister out:

1)  Encourage her when she is feeling down.
2)  Call your sister. Sometimes bonding over the phone helps to create that sisterhood.
3)  Support her on her accomplishments. Saying a simple “Congratulations” or even reposting her work or achievements on social media platforms can help.
4)  Offer your help. If your sister is planning an event, you can simply pitch in by giving her suggestions or volunteering to help in different ways. If you live in the same state as her, maybe meeting up with her to discuss the event would be a great idea for bonding and networking.
5)  Volunteer your time. There may be places where you can donate your time to women’s groups or networking programs in your area. They will be glad you stopped by to help.

Written by That Riverz Gurl
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